Trends in Central Air Conditioning for Modern or Renovated Homes

Home air conditioning remains to be one of the creature comforts every homeowner has to have. Latest trends though dictate other special features that can help the air conditioning inside the home provide more comfort and energy efficiency.

Trends in Central Air Conditioning for Modern or Renovated Homes
A modern home calls for a modern type of Heating and Air Conditioning System. 

One of the top names in air conditioning manufacturing, Mitsubishi, has shared the latest trends in home air conditioning systems. “n the South, mold, air pollution and other allergens can be a year-round concern for many homeowners. According to the popular home remodeling platform, more homeowners are starting to renovate for health (link is external). This is less of a style trend, however, and more of a structure trend. People are replacing their HVAC systems with newer, more modern systems that focus on air filtration.”

One homeowner who renovated her newly purchased home in South California, meanwhile shared the immense benefits they are reaping from their decision to not use central air conditioning and instead go for mini-ductless split type air conditioning system.  Department of Energy on Air Conditioning

“A ductless mini split AC or split ductless AC, is an alternative solution for cooling that has gained popularity amongst homeowners over the last decade or so. Like a central AC system, there are two main components: an outdoor compressor/condenser and an indoor air handling unit.”

A home remodeling indeed gives a homeowner a chance to rethink of their HVAC requirements, and upgrade if needed.